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Hi! I'm Flo, some call me Cera. :) I LOVE to voice act, and I LOVE telling stories. If you need to e-mail me, but can't reach me here, please e-mail at CeraRain@gmail.com. You may also visit my Youtube cite: www.youtube.com/Cera Rain

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Originality is in the content

Posted by CeraRain - May 6th, 2011

I know that using Maple Story sprites doesn't contribute to originality. In fact, I've received reviews from viewers that using sprites lowered my overall rating scores. But, I hope that everyone will be able to just take the video "as is" and look at "the point of it." There is as much creativity in the editing/writing/acting/and animating process as there is in something hand-drawn. With that said, I will be attempting my first hand-drawn flash animation soon. But for the mean time, I hope you find my videos entertaining. :)

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you right. i made a flash video with banned story & i uploaded it here. & it got banned for trems use... =(

Sprites are fine, no worries there. your voice acting and scripting are delightful. never let anyone that says using sprites lessens the quality of your work get you down. i love your use of maple sprites.

Aww thank you! :) I really appreciate that! I'll keep that in mind when I post my next video. :)

actually you are right, buuut....we are in a page that the only thing they care is
ALL original like art and story...even music

if theres something even if there are sprites, they lower the score, they don´t
care if its a good story... -.-

still i saw some animation of yours, and let me tell you that all of them are
very nice ^-^

just hope those people stop giving a bad score just for using sprites 7-7

still i wish you luck in your first hand-drawn animation

take care

sprites get bashed just for being sprites dont let it bother you tho when you put that kind of quality into your work it'll speak for it self

Thank you for the encouragement! :)

IMHO sprites are bad first impression for most people.
They are also bad idea for stories which are better expressed with slides, especially with Your voice.
Also NG is bad audience for devianart quality stuff. :)

I've looked up some of Your work on youtube, and if You're the one writing script, it's quite impressive. Your only current submission on NG could be made with slides & storytelling. Your youtube stuff IMO can't.

In the end making someone to draw slides for You & You storytelling would IMHO be best idea (assuming You suck at drawing :P) for wonderland story. but then it's hart to say without knowing the story, so You should know better.