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Entry #2

Where would you put the face on a bike?

2011-08-02 18:38:07 by CeraRain

I'm thinking of making an animation involving talking bicycles. So, the big question is, where would you put the face? On the seat? On a basket in the front (although keep in mind that not all bikes come with baskets), on the side? Or no face?

okay, discuss. Thanks :)


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2011-08-02 18:46:06

Handlebars. The spot where you put your hands would have eyes, and the mouth goes in the middle.

CeraRain responds:

Thank you :)


2011-08-02 19:06:46

I'd go for no mouths, but then again that's mostly because I'm really lazy.


2011-08-02 21:04:36

I agree with Squibit on this one, handlebars seem to be the most logical location. If there's a basket, you will have to put the basket a bit lower so that we can see the handlebars well, but it's better than the seats or wheels.

You could have no faces, but only if the bikes can't move autonomously, i.e., only if the bikes can only talk and nothing else.


2011-08-02 21:31:16

I kinda picture them with their whole face in the middle of the fork, the part that connects the handle bars, the handle bars in turn would be like their antlers, or ramhorns for the tenspeeds. and the the actual fork would be their hands, so they could raise one hand for expressions before grabbing on to the wheel before rolling away.


2011-08-03 03:26:09

I'd just give it a head, what's wrong with that? You're allowed to do that.


2011-08-03 04:58:11

agreed with mindchamber


2011-08-03 05:52:39

I like mindchambers idea of the fork being the hands, I'd have the headlights be the face or eye though (cyclops bikes?). A basket could be the hat/hairdo


2011-08-11 17:14:15

hahha i like your question.

well look,, i'm gonna disrespect your question and go beyond boundaries.

Don't limit it to just a section. You could do eyes on the handle bar, annnnnd then the mouth is at the tires.

To find the face, look at the bike as a whole, not in sections.

try that, brian storming.

even try this, select the whole bike, if the parts are in separate movie clips, then hit CTRL + B, to break it all, the goal is to make the whole bike vectorized so you can make it one color. Choose black, or pink. now you can see the bike as a silhouette, imagine where the face will go while ignoring the parts.

brain storm!

but if i'd have to pick one, i'd say some where at the top, like what mind chamber said. maybe even make "fantasy " bikes. dont have to adapt the face to the bike, but the bike adapts it self to the face. like the bike can have fancy winged shape furniture on it or something. what will these wings do? thats where the mouth could go,e tc.


have fun.
looking forward to it.