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I'm thinking of making an animation involving talking bicycles. So, the big question is, where would you put the face? On the seat? On a basket in the front (although keep in mind that not all bikes come with baskets), on the side? Or no face?

okay, discuss. Thanks :)

Originality is in the content

2011-05-06 01:06:18 by CeraRain

I know that using Maple Story sprites doesn't contribute to originality. In fact, I've received reviews from viewers that using sprites lowered my overall rating scores. But, I hope that everyone will be able to just take the video "as is" and look at "the point of it." There is as much creativity in the editing/writing/acting/and animating process as there is in something hand-drawn. With that said, I will be attempting my first hand-drawn flash animation soon. But for the mean time, I hope you find my videos entertaining. :)